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Smile Alignment

How your smile appears depends on the shape and curvature of your mouth. Before we determine the right cosmetic dental procedures for you, our specialists will analyze your smile. The Smile Analysis will reveal the different aspects of your smile when you are slightly smiling, actively smiling, or laughing. In analyzing the smile our specialists will review the shape and curves of your lips, the teeth, and gums. Our objective with the Smile Analysis is to give you that complete Smile Makeover. A low lip line will hide all or most of the upper teeth and project a weak, timid, and aged look. A high lip line will expose all the teeth and much of the gums giving a gummy smile. Ideally, we aim for a medium lip line displaying prominent upper teeth projecting a youthful, dominant personality. The teeth form the foundation of your smile. Teeth maybe crooked, discolored, missing, badly inclined, worn-out, chipped, or with spaces. Teeth could also be out of proportion to your facial features being either too big or too small. The gums make an important contribution to the appearance a healthy smile. Extremely dark pigmented gums or bleeding gums can reduce the attractiveness of your smile. Depending on the condition of your mouth, teeth, gums, jaw structure, and your oral health, our cosmetic specialists may need to consult with colleagues who are specialists in other areas of dentistry. This level of all-inclusive assessment of your esthetic as well as oral health needs ensures you receive the absolute best in cosmetic dentistry and comprehensive dental care at Tooth & Smile Dental Clinic.